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The TOPESPION software currently offers 3 programs. Select your program (payment at once, without cost or additional cost).
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  • Call display
    topespion gives you detailed information on the duration of the call, the ID of the caller, timestamps, chronologically!
  • Reading SMS
    The software allows to receive text messages inbound/outbound, even remotely. topespion allows to find even deleted texts!
  • Geolocation
    Looking for a real-time location system? Our app offers constant updates on your target location!
  • Listening environment
  • Call record
    Set up records for incoming/outgoing calls to specific numbers, filter calls has never been simpler!
  • Call/SMS blocking
    You can block some troublesome users by blocking their number or by setting the blocked keywords.
  • Calendar view
    You want to see your next event? Check the calendar activities at a distance from your personal account!
  • Contacts view
    To get the full list of contacts with names, numbers, contact information of registered or deleted from the address book contact!
  • Browsing history
    In business online. Check the Web sites accessed by your spouse and get the good info!
  • Display the bookmarks
    topespion allows to easily check the saved Web pages. They are usually the key factor in espionage on the Web.
  • Viber/WhatsApp/Skype
    Become an expert about espionage with tracking log texts / calls from Viber Messenger, Whatsapp Messenger, Skype Messenger!
  • Photo display
  • Display videos
    The video is worth a thousand words. Live information from a tool target speed and simplicity!
  • Facebook messages
    See your Facebook messages directly from your control panel. Access to group conversations is even possible!
  • Reading the emails
    Follow-up of all emails received/sent from the target device. This information may be important for your business!
  • Remote control
    The control panel allows you to access data on your phone remotely.
  • SMS commands
    When you do not have access to your control panel to schedule or control a given, orders SMS feature can be very useful!
  • Keylogger
    Keylogger from topespion, tells you the data entered by the user target on any application on the mobile device, for the what you're tracking.
  • Application blocking
    You can access the list of all the applications installed on the target phone and block the ones you want to.
  • Updates of the software
    During the term of your subscription, you receive free updates application.
  • Customer service professional
  • Stealth mode
    The application icon is removed from the screen.
  • No extra cost
  • €79.95
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  • E-mail or online "chat"
Pro more
  • No extra cost
  • €99.95
  • -
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • E-mail or online "chat"
Classic formula
  • No extra cost
  • €59.95
  • -
  • E-mail or online "chat"
IMPORTANT:You pay only once for a valuable service to life (with no additional cost) Unlike other providers. Once the payment is made, you will be automatically redirected to the registration page to access your panel and so you can immediately proceed to the mobile target monitoring.
* Send by MMS: our PACK PRO +, you can send our dirrectement on the target phone monitoring program anonymously remotely from your online panel indicating the number of the mobile target. The MMS will be sent as a spy-games, or application, it is you who choose from the online panel.

Testimonials :

"Now, I have more need to worry about parental control online. I just see the history of navigation of my children and their social activity to protect!"
Customer since 2014Parent
"I wonder how our society could dispense with this tracking solution? No more secrets"
Client since 2015CEO
Remote access to all messages

TopEspion to view all incoming and outgoing texts from the target phone. In addition to this feature, you have access to all incoming messages from Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and even Facebook!

A control panel practice

TopEspion allows you to record a telephone conversation from the specific number with ease. The call details such as the name, the telephone number of the contact, the duration of the call will always appear at the top.

Call record

All information from the target device are sorted chronologically on the features tabs to make the job easier. You can access it from any Internet compatible device!

Undetectable 100%.

When you receive new updates from the target device, your anonymity is preserved. Applications operate in stealth without icon, badge, notification or other mode!