PHONE tracing with followed accurate & detailed


  • Listen to phone calls
  • Real-time GPS location tracking
  • Recording of the sounds surrounding

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Monitoring of calls

Use the software to get all registers of incoming/outgoing calls with names, cell phone numbers, the duration and the time stamp.

Special features :
  • Make all the call history
  • Save all incoming and outgoing calls

I didn't call espionage was so easy. Now, I'm aware of everything.

Berry Fetcher

SMS monitoring

You have immediate access to all texts sent/received, even if they have been removed from the target device.

Special features :
  • All inbound / outbound
  • Lock SMS with a specific word
  • See the message deleted

I always wondered what he was hiding me in his texts, with spying SMS topespion I finally revealed the truth.

Clotilda Lianne

Surveillance of Emails

With the help of TopEspion you can easily review all emails sent / received from the monitored device.

Special features :
  • Read emails sent / received
  • Supported Gmail accounts

Although many think that the emails are in the past, they are wrong. I get all the information hidden from the company with espionage of Email!

Edwin Charlie

GPS location tracking

TopEspion provides you with the answer where your child or employee. Application of simple, but powerful tracking that works in real time!

Special features :
  • Works with disabled GPS!
  • Get the history of the locations

My daughter to autism and needs constant care, thanks to the topespion Tracker I can be sure that it is healthy and safe.

Ronnie Den

Monitor Internet usage

All the history of navigation of the Internet browser on the target device is right at the top of your control panel.

Special features :
  • Review saved favorites
  • Check the browsing history

Wonderful app! Easy to control employee Internet usage and check if they are honest with you!

Cullen Lewin, Manager

Look at the multimedia files

Access photos and videos stored on the monitored device. Each photo will be saved on your control panel.

Special features :
  • See the photos
  • Get videos

It's a good thing that I installed the app until my son got locked his camera, I can always restrict access to sites

Janel Wynona

Get access to the calendar and contacts

Use TopEspion to get all contacts stored in the address book of the target device. Stay informed on the events of the agenda also.

Special features :
  • Appointments and events in the calendar
  • Get all contacts, even if they are deleted

This spy software let me see the hidden truth. Finally, a major asset for businesses.

Beauregard River

Intercept instant messages

With the help of TopEspion you can keep track of the activity of the text from the target device. Get all messages directly on your control panel.

Special features :
  • Spy on Viber, WhatsApp, Skype (* Pack PRO +))
  • Track Facebook messenger (* Pack PRO +))

Spy on text has never been easier with topespion. Works perfectly!

Caroline Gretchen

Recording of the sounds surrounding

Use this function to get a clear picture of what is going on around the target device. Turn the microphone of the device in bug!

Special features :
  • Up to 30 minutes of recording
  • Program from your PC!

With environmental records I can be sure that my children do not skip school. Wonderful.

Janessa Virgie, Mother

Control of applications and programs

If you need to know what is installed on the device - TopEspion is here to help you. Make sure that there are no inappropriate activities.

Special features :
  • Get the list of all running applications
  • Lock specific programs

I can easily obtain information from specific number saved with the help of topespion. Very convenient.

Zackery Ian


Keylogger TopEspion provides you with the information that target the user's keystrokes in any application on the mobile device you are watching.

Special features :
  • Stimulate all keystrokes made on the phone
  • Check remote keylogger records

Using the topespion Keylogging function I managed to easily monitor the cell phones of the company!

Savannah N. Adams

SMS command

When you do not have access to your control panel to plan or check something - SMS commands become very convenient!

Special features :
  • Lock / unlock / pane of the device
  • Program registration

This function is very useful when I need to check the location of my child but I can't get it online.

Cheryl T. Kinkade