List of frequently asked questions
  1. What is the topespion application and how does it work?
    TopEspion is an extraordinary, completely undetectable application that brings a new dimension of mobile phone spying. It allows to control the activity of the cell phone of your children, your employees, or any other use related to espionage. The topespion application allows you to control :
    • Text messages
    • Social activity in applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype
    • The call history
    • GPS location
    • Recording of telephone conversations and conversations surrounding
    ...and much more! Click here to discover all the features available and to come. In order to do all of these exceptional things, you must install the application topespion on the target device that you want to track. Physical access to the target phone is only required for installation. As soon as the device has been added to your profile, update on your control panel starts immediately.

    Note : In order to avoid any misunderstanding in the future, check if the phone in question is compatible with our application by clicking here. Also note that the device you are trying to access the data must have Internet access.

    Why choose this application?

    • Quick and easy installation : the installation process takes less than 5 minutes
    • Undetectable 100% : The application works in totally stealth mode, leaving no trace of activity. Even if an anti-spyware software is installed on the target device, the application is not detected!
    • A versatile application : topespion offers more features than any other software of the market espionage and there are well over again very soon!
    • A user-friendly interface : you get quick access to all the information from the control panel. Navigation in the interface is friendly and intuitive.
  2. Should I have physical access to the device target to install the application?
    No, physical access to the target phone is optional during the installation, this installation mode takes less than 5 minutes. Eventually the process is automated. Have PACK PRO +, you can also send the application on the target as MMS anonymous phone. A MMS type games-spy, or application can be sent to remote dirrectement from your panel if you have this PACK.
  3. How can I add multiple devices to the control panel?
    You can add as many devices as you like in your profile. However, note that only one device can be connected to a specific package.
  4. How to start?
    To start - choose the package that meets all of your needs. Once the payment is made, you get your account online, automatically created and you will receive instructions on how to install the application. You can perform the installation from your profile once you are logged.
  5. How to install the application?
    The installation process is simple and fast. You will find instructions for installing the application on iOS, Android and Blackberry devices here
  6. Is the application, itself linked to a mobile operator? If the SIM card is enabled on the target phone, the application still work?
    The application is itself connected to the target device. It is not the operator of mobile or phone number. As long as the application is installed on your phone, the data is displayed on your control panel, regardless of the SIM card or mobile phone operator.
  7. How and where can I see telephone calls/text messages to another person?
    To view text messages and phone calls from someone else, you buy a PACK and add the device to the profile first. Then, you can simply navigate the control looking for required information panel. This is the place where all the data is stored.
  8. Can I install the application remotely?
    Physical access is required to install the application on the device that you want to spy if you don't know of a PACK PRO +. The installation process is simple and quick, it takes less than 5 minutes!
  9. What is the price of the PACK Lite/Pro/Pro Plus?
    To view the prices and descriptions of the pack available, click here
  10. If I want to buy a superior package, will I have to pay the difference only or the total price?
    If you want to switch to a higher package, please contact our customer service. It is the only way to get the price recalculated after change. Our advisors will help you throughout the process!
  11. How can I cancel my account?
    Contact our customer service for any question relating to the cancellation of account.
  12. How can I update the application on the target phone?
    The application is automatically updated on the iOS devices. For Blackberry and Android smartphones, you must do it manually. Here are the detailed instructions relating to the procedure for the Android devices:
    • Follow the following menu: options-> Security-> unit administrators
    • Uncheck the application
    • Go back to settings-> Applications->> uninstall
    Then perform the following steps :
    • Open a Web browser on the target phone and go to: The application starts downloading automatically.
    • Once the download is completed, go to phone - applications - downloads and click on the downloaded file
    • Accept all the popup messages that appear on the screen and click on install
    • Once the application is properly installed, click Open - enter the registration email.
    • It's done!
  13. Can I install the app on my phone or the phone I want to spy on?
    You must install the application on the device that you want to monitor.
  14. How to delete my account?
    The account can be deleted at your request. Contact us by chat, or send us simply an email at the following address: [email protected] and we will arrange to.
  15. What are the payment modes available?
    • Visa/Master Card
    • Bank transfer
    • American Express
    • PayPal
    • Discover/Novus
    • Dinners Club
    • Fax
    • JCB
  16. It--a-is there a limit per day? What should I do if I've reached the limit provided for in my PACK?
    There is no limit per day.
  17. How to save the surrounding conversations?
    You can schedule the recording of conversations surrounding the target phone directly from your control panel. The configuration and the preparation of the target phone take at least 30 minutes. As soon as you click the record surrounding conversations tab, you can set the day, time and the duration of the recording. Once the data is submitted, registration status is "Pending". This means that everything is OK and that the application is ready for use. The recording will start automatically and will be saved later on your control panel, when the target device will be connected over Wi - Fi.
  18. How can I configure the option of call recording?
    The registration of incoming and outgoing calls option is automatically enabled. If you want to save only certain numbers, you must click on the tab of your control panel call records. Enter the number of phone in the international format. Subsequently, each incoming/outgoing call from this number, the application will automatically save this conversation. The file itself can be found in your control panel once the target device connected to the Wi - Fi network.
  19. How the blocking of password feature?
    Blocking is done 20 minutes after saving changes to settings in your control panel. The command line is displayed on the screen of your phone, prompting you to enter a password. This is a single use for additional authentication password. If a password is already set to the phone, the new single use password appears above.

    Note that to unlock an iOS device, you must enter the new password (the message "incorrect password appears"), then the original password.

  20. How long does take to update my account, once the payment has been made?
    Once the payment is made, your account is updated in less than 5 minutes.
  21. The application have notifications of icons?
    NO. No new icon is added, no notification, no badge, no warning. The application is absolutely undetectable and works in stealth mode.
  22. How can I block incoming calls?
    To block incoming calls from a specific phone number, you must add this number to the blacklist on the "Phone settings" tab. Whenever this issue tries to contact the target device, the application automatically block and the caller only hears tones of occupation. No notification appears on the target device.
  23. Should I jailbreak the iOs on iPhone/iPad to install the application?
    The installation of the TopEspion application on an iOS device requires no jailbreak.
  24. The rooting of the target phone Android is necessary to install the application?
    The rooting of the Android device is not necessary to install the application. You can have all the features such as (follow-up Viber, WhatsApp, Skype), the operation of the device is not necessary.
  25. In what cases does the application requires an Internet network?
    Internet is required for optimal operation of the application. Wired EDGE / 3G is sufficient to transfer all data from the phone until your panel.
  26. How can I contact you in case of assistance?
    For assistance or questions, you can contact us via chat (if we are not online, leave us just a message offline) or send us an e-mail at the following address: [email protected] We are at your disposal!
  27. How can I request a refund?
    Please send a refund request to the following address: [email protected] Explain in detail the reasons that justify a refund. Our conflict management will answer you within 3-5 working days.
  28. What are the devices supported by this application?
    Our application can be installed on different iOS, Android and Blackberry smartphones. Follow this link for a full list of supported devices : Compatible mobile phone spy
  29. How will I know if I've reached the limit provided for in my PACK?
    Note that all of the PACK are limited, with the exception of the PACK Pro Plus. If the data is no longer updated on your control panel after a while, it could mean that you have reached the limit. Contact our customer support to check this information carefully.
  30. How to start tracking BBM?
    Open BBM on the target phone. You must click the icon with the BlackBerry symbol. Select "Options". Look for the option "Save the history of cats" and select "Device". Accept all contextual messages related to the backup of the settings. Don't forget to save your changes!
  31. Can I transfer my PACK on another device?
    You may not transfer your PACK on another device. One PACK per unit.
  32. Can I add another cell phone to my PACK?
    One target device can be connected to a PACK.