Refund policy

Software topespion

You want to check if your employees use only the phones of the company for business purposes, by respecting the code of conduct of the company and by acting in accordance with the privacy policy of the company? Put an end to your doubts by using the topespion application! Simply download this software and keep track of all activity on their phone.

Refund policy

Your purchase of the topespion software is governed by this policy. Please read carefully before completing your order because it defines your rights with respect to your purchases, including the restrictions and fundamental exclusions. By placing an order, you agree that it be governed by this policy.

Repayment terms

In being subject to this refund policy, you may be entitled to a full refund within 14 days of the date of purchase provided that your reasons are not in contradiction with the terms of the policy of reimbursement described below. No refund will be possible after the end of the repayment period.

The refund can only apply to the first PACK topespion. If you have subscribed to more than one PACK, no refund will be possible. Your money can be refunded only once. If you later subscribe to another topespion PACK, it will not be subject to a refund request.

Any purchase of the software at a reduced price is not refundable. No refund will be due if the customer refuses to update the version topespion in the event that an update was performed on the target phone.

General information

If you are not fully satisfied with the purchase of the topespion software, you can be entitled to a full refund within 14 days of purchase in accordance with the terms of reimbursement described below. However, we believe that most refunds can be avoided if you seek professional help from our support customer.

PACK - Non-refundable

Force majeure
No refund will be granted to topespion customers where their refund reasons entirely beyond our control. The reasons are the following:

  • The target phone has more access to internet (left more money on the account of the target phone, temporary interruption of service, problem with homelessness etc.).
  • If the user of the target phone has changed to operator, which leads to loss of internet connectivity and consequently to the malfunction of the topespion application.
  • The application works in "stealth/undetectable" mode, which translates into the absence of any trace of activity (no new added icon or badge, alert, sound or notification). This is what the term 'stealthy, undetectable mode '. All other signs of enforcement (new applications listed in management applications etc.) are not covered by the "stealthy, undetectable mode" and cannot be the subject of a refund.
  • Reset to the factory of origin or remove application settings.
  • The customer does not respect the installation instructions from our customer support team.
  • The customer does not have access to the target phone.
  • If the customer has not received data prior because topespion had not been installed on the device target initially.
  • If the customer does not get only one side of the telephone conversations because of limitations or physical characteristics of the device target.
  • If target the device operates on Symbian Belle, Windows Phone OS, Bada OS or any other operating system is not on the list of the compatibility section.
  • If the client intended to use topespion on more than one target device after having subscribed to a PACK.
  • Personal reasons ("I changed my mind", "I made a purchase by mistake", etc).).
  • A customer is unable or refuses to unlock the iPhone or of rooting an Android device.
  • The refund cannot perform if Keylogger does not work due to the fact that the user of the target phone is using a different keyboard on the English keyboard (United States).
  • If a customer has reached the limits of the features of the Pro package or Lite.
  • If a customer were to monitor the web activities of non-standard web browsers except 'Internet' (Android OS) and Safari (iOS) or private (Incognito mode).
  • If the customer wanted to record calls on Blackberry or iOS.
  • If the target phone has been changed/replaced.

Refund procedure

It is you asked to send your refund request to the support service at [email protected] we do not accept requests via Live Chat or by phone. The decision to refund is generally taken in within one to two business days